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Hello! I'm Deborah 👋

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I am giving away a limited number of art prints of my new Glory Collection!

Deborah’s art is beautiful, colorful, and intriguing. Each piece speaks for itself and delivers a message of peace and solitude. The artist is trustworthy and reliable. The art piece was packaged with care and delivered in a timely manner. I highly recommend anyone to purchase her art pieces.

Brenda P.

- Menifee, CA

The painting “Broken Strongholds” is a reminder to me daily that I have a choice not to be held back on anything in life. It’s obvious that this artist allowed the brush strokes to move swiftly across the canvas to tell a story of life’s reality. Hats of for the artistry.

Tony M.

- St. Louis, MO

Deborah’s art is interesting with a spiritual point of view. Abstract, colorful, and open to interpretation. Purchase/delivery options were easy to follow. I received my artwork as promised along with her business card! I would definitely purchase from her again.

Toni C.

- Alpharetta, GA

I fell in love with this piece the second I saw it. The vivid and rich colors drew me in immediately and the longer I looked at it the more assured I was that this was a piece of art that was not static. This was a piece I wanted to live with. It is placed prominently in my living room and every time I look at it I discover something new making my heart happy.

Donna P.

- Lebanon, MO

My first impression of Deborah Coffey’s art was that it instantly reminded me of the Divinity that exists in each woman. I love her use of texture; the mixture of color and beading creates such a beautiful image of a strong woman. Once my purchase was made, the process was quick & efficient. I consider her talent a gift… to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Jeanine C.

- Savannah, GA

Deborah Coffey is a US based artist, best known for creating symbolic paintings in abstract style. Her paintings depict images, auras, of light energy in multi layered fields of color, textures, and patterns. Her work is spirit based, that is revealed through the perception of the viewer.

Joe W.

- Springfield, MO

“For the Glory of God”

You ask why do I want to give away my art?

It’s an opportunity to share with you what brings me joy and fellowship through my art. We all start from humble beginnings, so as I invite you and others to experience my art; let me enter your world with abstract art glorifying God!

You ask, “How did God get in the picture?” My art journey is a testament to my unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. It's a story of transformation and purpose, centered around my passion for painting.

I have always loved to paint in order to decorate my home or make gifts for loved ones but this time I felt God calling me to devote more time as a means for relaxation. I soon found solace and joy in the act of painting. Even during times of uncertainty, I turned to prayer and found that the Holy Spirit played a significant role in my abstract creations.

Over time, I wondered if my art could supplement my retirement income. This idea brought me a profound sense of peace, and I realized that God was preparing me for a greater purpose.

Through prayer, I received a clear message: "Use your art to comfort and inspire others."

Shortly thereafter, a mentor told me, “When God gives you a Word, claim His promise and believe it. Accept the promise that God will take care of you, even when the odds seem overwhelming against you.” With both divine guidance, I continued to paint for His glory.

Despite a few attempts to take matters into my own hands, I recognized that my art was unique and held a deeper meaning than what meets the eye—it reflected the Holy Spirit within me. God had crafted me to be a vessel for His glory, a means to reach those who seek Him and those who already know Him.

Creating my art collection was a journey of experimentation, with countless hours of dedication. Acrylic on canvas board became my chosen medium, allowing for the layering of colors. As I listened to my spirit, I layered color upon color, with brushes and palette knives, taking into consideration color coordination and configuration of design. Much like layering God's Word through reading His Word, prayer, devotion, journaling, and living His truth. With each stroke, I revealed a part of my heart and my obedience to His Word.

When I completed the final piece of "Glory," I felt a profound connection to God. It was both an artistic and spiritual triumph, a reflection of my own spirit and an invitation for others to explore their beliefs, imagination, faith, love, and fellowship with God through my art.

In the end, my art journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the fulfillment that comes from using one's talents and sharing with others to glorify God


The Glory Collection conveys a sacred bond with God. Through the acceptance of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the profound events of His love, death, resurrection, and ascension, our spiritual connection with God becomes everlasting. In this new relationship with God, we grow more like his Son Jesus Christ, and we glorify Him more. Embrace the Glory Collection that was inspired by God, for the purpose of glorifying Him. As you immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of the Glory Collection, let the spiritual harmony flow through you, glorifying His divine presence.

The originals were painted on 11x14 canvas boards using acrylic paint, brushes, palette knives, and acrylic pens. For the blended background, various colors and brushes were used to color wash the canvas. Then, brushes, palette knives, and acrylic pens were used to bring the designs to life. The final pieces have a light glossy finish.

So, why give away free art?

Offering this collection at no cost allows me to introduce my work to a wider audience, placing my artwork directly into your hands and homes.

It enables me to expand my reach and connect with more individuals.

Perhaps, the next time you're in search of an original painting, my name will come to mind.

I believe that everyone should have access to beautiful art in their space.

Hopefully this free print offer enables you, regardless of your budget, to beautify your home with art that resonates with you.

My ultimate goal is to touch as many lives as possible, and I hope that my art forms a meaningful connection with you.

It’s not just an art career, but an assignment to glorify God. I have found a community of artists that thrive on what we do as a group and individually. It is my desire to spend the rest of my life fulfilling a divine assignment and the financial blessings it brings.

I've been doing abstract art on the side for years for relaxation, but have never before committed to going all in. Giving away free copies of my collection helps me to get my name out there, and get my artwork into your hands and homes! It helps me extend my reach, and connect with more people. My goal is to touch the lives of as many people as possible and I hope that my art connects with you and your relationship with God!

On a more selfish note, I just want my art in the hands of as many people as possible! This helps people know about me and my work, but at the same time helps spread my message of glorifying God. Honestly, I just want to make a great first impression on you. What better way than to let you try my art for free? Perhaps one day you'll come back to me and ask for a larger print, or maybe even some original artwork.

(No pressure though, of course!)


I’ve laid out the details of my collection and would like you to pick your favorite print to take home.

I can only offer 1 free print per person.

Numbers are limited, so this page and offer will be taken down the moment the last one has gone.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, here are the next steps…

  • Scroll down to see the artwork options.
  • Choose your favorite print below (it's limited 1 per person, please).
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If you have any questions please reach out at

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I can’t wait to get your new piece of art to you!


I also have the best guarantee

you'll ever see

1. You'll love it

I fully guarantee you’ll love what you receive or I’ll refund your shipping & handling and you can keep the print anyway (or gift it to a loved one).

I love creating my art, so I want you to love what you receive just as much as I love creating it - that’s why offering this guarantee makes sense to me.

2. And if you dont...

All you’d have to do is contact me directly using the details on your receipt and I’ll give you back every penny. Which I’m grateful to say has never had to happen yet!

So this truly is a risk-free offer. (Just a heartfelt piece of art from me to you!)

My true hope is that you’ll love what you receive and this will be the beginning of a great relationship for years to come.

Sounds fair right?

All you have to do is... 👇🏼

  • Choose your favorite 5x7" art print from one of the options (Shown below).
  • You will receive a certified print of the original acrylic artwork on canvas board.
  • Printed on thick, high-quality card stock, with a matte finish.
  • The option to upgrade the size of your art print.
  • Limited-time discount only available while supplies last!
  • 100% Risk-free money-back guarantee

Plus you get access to bonuses

  • FREE BONUS - access to my library of digital artwork files sent instantly to your email to be used as device backgrounds. When I create new art pieces, they get added to the library!
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  • FREE BONUS – PDF with Bible verses of "God’s Promises".

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Beyond the Horizon

Regardless of life's trials and tribulations, God transcends the horizon, steadfastly present with us every moment we breathe. His presence is inescapable, and His capacity for forgiveness knows no bounds. Be colorfully expressive! Have faith to believe. Glorify Him!

$20.00 Free!

*Just pay $5.99 US shipping & handling fee


Fellowship resembles an inclusive gathering, meant to extend a hand to others and honor God. Join in your own unique way, whether you're dressed up or dressed down; everyone is invited. Authenticity is key, and as you stay true to yourself, you'll find that God remains faithful to you. Trust takes root from within. Discovering inner freedom allows you to connect with others in fellowship and offer your worship to God. Glorify Him!

$20.00 Free!

*Just pay $5.99 US shipping & handling fee


The human mind knows no bounds, reaching into every facet of our existence. Allow the storms of life to dissolve, enfold your dreams, and generously express the reality of your situation—embrace life to the fullest! In this unique moment of liberation, never forget to let God reign over your life and guide your journey. Glorify Him!

$20.00 Free!

*Just pay $5.99 US shipping & handling fee


In our daily lives, numerous aspects of our identity often spark controversy. Stand firm in your identity as a spiritual being. Let Faith, Hope, and Love illuminate your path towards the One who comprehends all, observes all, and resides wherever you are, and beyond. God is HOPE! Glorify Him!

$20.00 Free!

*Just pay $5.99 US shipping & handling fee

I hope you love your art as much as my customers do!

This Artist is to be commended on her excellent artistic paintings. I’m hopeful that her inspiration will embrace others as it has me. It truly draws you into a peaceful personal zone of serenity. “Glory To God” precisely!

Marion M.

- St. Louis, MO

Very impressive piece. You can hang this one in your favorite spot or sit it on your tabletop. So rich and elegant. This piece is in my dining room where I entertain my “special” guests!

Connie H.

- Douglasville, GA

The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, broke and is breaking strongholds in my life. I see the different lines and groupings as the strongholds. The power of the sword stands out to cut out and demolish them from my mind.

Connie B.

- Huntsville, AL

I was captivated by 'Bridge the Gap' for many reasons. The vibrant, rich colors spoke to me. The vivid red, orange, gold and brown palette was so powerful and beautiful as they intertwined together to create such an amazing piece. The lines drew me in as I followed the painting throughout its journey, over and over. I could see hints of the holy cross which gave me a sense of peace that no matter what hurdles we face along life's path, The Lord will help us get through it. We just need to have faith and never doubt ourselves.

Sheila A.

- Tucson, AZ

Title, Spirit is Universal, love the colors, gold, yellows. I connect with the patterns the circles of life and wholeness. The dark shadows represent hidden parts of the universe, yet the largest circle is the sun or light. The white thick lines of the cross is pureness that brings balance-90 degree angles. The boxes in the center represent creations-squares. Both inner dark colors and white lines can represent as above as below in creation. At left corner are people walking some on a path, others being guided through light pureness in their lives, which are the circles or grids. Everyone towards the center... the Divine. The whole picture is spirit itself!

Annette R.

- Orlando, FL

About Deborah

Studio Location: Roswell, Georgia.

Born in Lebanon, Missouri, currently living in Roswell, Georgia.

Deborah Coffey, a seasoned business professional with a master’s in business administration, is an abstract artist who channels divine inspiration into her acrylic paintings on canvas and canvas boards. Her art, not confined to institutional teaching, serves as a source of inspiration and solace for viewers on their spiritual journeys. Deborah's work has been shown and purchased in arts and craft shows and silent auctions across the United States, touching the hearts of collectors and individuals drawn to its spiritual depth and emotion. In her abstract creations, she bridges her academic insight with artistic talent, inviting viewers to discover themselves and explore their spirituality through her distinctive brushstrokes.

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